Friday, August 5, 2022

How I Set Up My Prayer Journal, part 3

In part one I shared how I utilize a monthly calendar/planner layout.

In part two, I shared how I utilize a weekly calendar/planner layout.

In today's post, part three, I'm going to share how I utilize both a monthly calendar layout and a weekly calendar layout to help me be more intentional in my prayer life.

Being intentional means that I purposefully set in motion things that will help me accomplish a goal.  That's what my prayer journal/planner does for me, it helps me reach my goal of having a more effective prayer life.

Here's how I combine both the monthly calendar layout and the weekly calendar layout to help me have a more effective prayer life.

Every day (or as close to every day that I can manage), at some point in the day depending on what I have going on, I pull out my prayer journal/planner and look at the monthly layout first.  I take note of any birthdays, anniversaries or anything else mentioned in part one for that particular day and transfer them over to the appropriate day in my weekly layout.

Next, I write in any prayer requests and or things I want to bring before God that day.  Then I take note of my 'focus' category for that day (See part 2 for a reminder of what my 'focus' categories are.) and make note of any previous days answered prayers.

Now I'm all set to enter into a time of prayer in a quiet place, alone and before God.

That's it, that's how I have my prayer journal set up along with how I utilize it.  I hope this series has been beneficial and that you have found something that will help you have a more intentional prayer life.

May God be gloried in all that we do,

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