Saturday, March 18, 2023

Open My Eyes ... : Palms 119:18

Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful words of Your Law.  Psalms 119:18 (NASB)

I love this verse, in fact it's my memory verse for the week. As I've worked on memorizing it, I've thought about what it was saying ...

Open my eyes ....  to unearth, discover, uncover, reveal

that I may behold ... take notice of, see, acknowledge, regard, pay attention to, consider

Wonderful words ... marvelous, surpassing, distinguishing

of Your Law ... Your Word, God's Word

I've also turned it into a prayer ... Open my eyes, O Lord, open my eyes to what Your Word teaches.

Bible study is so important in my walk with God.  Satan never makes it easy though, the temptation to, "do it later" is always lurking around just waiting for the opportunity to be used.

I read the following prayer in a Bible study I'm doing, God of All Comfort by Cindy Colley, that helps me combat the 'do it later' temptation.

"Father, help me to crave Your word and to overcome all the obstacles that are in my way of faithful Bible study."

I have this prayer written on a small post-it-note and washi taped in the front of my Bible.  I want to be reminded to pray this every time I have occasion to open my Bible. I'm also posting it on my refrigerator door and in a corner of my bathroom mirror.

You just gotta know that this is a prayer that God is delighted to answer!  We must do our part though, it looks like this ... the more we study, the more we want to study!  It starts out as a habit, then turns into a longing!

May you be blessed by what you’ve read!

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  1. I have felt like my eyes have been opened every day to the scriptures I am writing. It is a huge blessing to have the words written on my heart in a new way even though so many are long familiar to me.

    1. Lana, I completely agree with all that you said! I'm enjoying my scripture writing too!